Ribela, Galician cider

Ribela's Galician cider

Asturias is famous for its sidra (cider), what is less known is that other regions from Northern Spain have their own little production, and that their surpluses of apples go to Asturias (which wouldn’t be able to produce all the tons of apples itself).

New apple cider

Cider is a personal weakness, and whenever I can get a good, still cider I’m happy. Ribela was a pleasant discovery: 100% Galician cider, with locally grown apples (some of them organic). I had the chance to taste this year’s new cider (the fermentation process still ongoing) and try the different varieties of apples. The differences were amazing! Not too sweet, and with different nuances. Galician Calvados under construction

Even more surprising was the sip of Calvados I had. Still young – it has 3 more years to go in the barrel – it was already impressive. Can’t wait to try it fruther along.  

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