To eat, Lugo

There’s a popular saying in Spain Galicia that says “para comer, Lugo”. Meaning that other places are good or famous for other things but if it’s food you’re after then you have to go to Lugo.

We just spent 24 hours with a group of Australian (and New Zealanders) who were doing a sort of fast-track Camino de Santiago: from Bilbao to Santiago in 12 days, a little walking every day and the rest of the tour by bus, with a special focus on gastronomy. The tour, organized by s-cape travel, hired us for the second year to be the local food & wine experts in Lugo and surroundings.

Mesón de Alberto

We are always surprised at how many questions we are asked: how much does an octopus weigh? When I buy one in Australia will it be frozen or will I have to freeze ir? Hoy many doors does the Lugo Wall have?

In between questions we manage to have a look at the new artisan cheese shop, Queixería Praza do Campo, that just opened in one of Lugo lovely squares (a pity that raw milk cheese can’t be taken into Australia, because more than one was willing to get some home!).

Picture: Queixería do Campo
Picture: Queixería do Campo

And of course we had to drink and eat!

First a stop at a traditional tapas bar for a 100% Lugo experience – a glass of wine and the complimentary tapas that go with it – then a more relaxed dinner at the nearby Mesón de Alberto. The word there was pulpo – since octopus is what they were so curious about. So octopus it was, in two traditional ways – boiled and grilled – and some more fish just in case.

The best question, though, the one that pops up over and over again: “Where are the vegetables? We see them in the fields, we see them in the shops, but we never get vegetables at restaurants.”

The answer needs time, and maybe another glass of Mencía

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