Where to eat the best Pastel de carne in Murcia

In case you hadn’t noticed, Spanish gastronomy goes well beyond paella and sangría. Local specialties are not always very well known outside the city boundaries and you have to know what to look for. If you’re in Murcia, you have to look for Pastel de carne, a meat pie.

A pastry chef we know said that if it were a French specialty it would be famous worldwide, and he’s absolutely right. A pastel de carne is a technical masterpiece: a fine crust of shortcrust pastry, a filling of minced beef, sausage, egg and spices, and a cover of flaky puff pastry, shaped so there are dozens of crispy layers.

You can find it pretty much anywhere in Murcia city, although everyone has its favourites. We tried in two different ways. At a traditional tapas bar, Zaher, with a cold beer on tap, and as a take away at a pastry shop, Bonache. Both are delicious, Zaher’s slightly simpler but with the extra taste of eating it with the locals, Bonache’s with a finer pastry and a bit lighter in fat. They are traditionally served cut into halves or fourths so it’s easier to eat them.

The cost is around 2.50€, and with a beer they nearly make up for a meal!

Here’s a link to Bonache’s web with more pictures of how a pastel de carne is made.

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Calle Riquelme, 5
30005 Murcia

Plaza Flores, 8
30004 Murcia

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