Gazpachos, plural

Gazpachos, Spanish food, La Mancha, manchego

Everybody knows gazpacho, the cold tomato soup from Andalusia. But have you ever heard of gazpachos? It’s a traditional dish from La Mancha, and it’s got nothing in common with its southern version.

Ok, I lied: it does have something in common. Its based on bread, in this case pieces of torta cenceña, a flat bread which you can buy whole or, more easily, already torn in pieces in small packets. Other ingredients are usually small game meat or other white meat, such as partridge, hare, chicken or rabbit. The broth is very important, as in the end this is a stew with meat and bread. Sometimes it is served on top of a whole torta, as the one in the picture.

It’s definitely winter food: warm, hearty and with a long digesting time. It’s not easy to find outside of la Mancha, so if you happen to be in the area don’t hesitate and have one! We had this at Nuestro Bar in Albacete (see our post here), and it was an excellent first encounter with the gazpachos.

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