Nuestro Bar, Albacete

A good choice for a first approach to Manchego cuisine, Nuestro Bar is a quaint restaurant just outside downtown Albacete. You can have an informal meal at the bar or have a proper sit down. Going in you’ll be invited to a cup of cuerva, a relative of sangría, and then you’ll be able to choose from the menu. Classic dishes such as Ajo mataero (a spiced mash of fried bread and liver – really nice and finer than you’d expect. 6€), Atascaburras “Donkey stopper” (salted cod and potato mash, not the best version. 6,60€), Gazpachos manchegos (a game meat and bread stew)… Sharing dishes (which we warmly recommend) and without splashing on the wine you should be happy with 20€ per person.

Nuestro Bar
Calle Alcalde Conangla, 102
02002 Albacete
+34 967 24 33 73

on Facebook: Nuestro Bar

Open 1 pm to 4:45 pm and 8:30 pm to 11:45 pm

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Nuestro Bar, outside
Manchego cuisine
Ajo mataero, spiced liver and fried bread.
Manchego cuisine
Atascaburras, cod and potato mash
Manchego cuisine
Gazpachos manchegos, game stew


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