Queixería Praza do Campo, Lugo

Cheese revolution is happening in Spain, and we’re verry happy to be here to see it! Interest in artisan cheese is growing and not only a whole new generation of neo-artisan cheesemakers is researching the life fermented, new shops are opening all over the country.

One of the first to open in Galicia was Queixería Praza do Campo in Lugo, in September 2014.

Alberte Pérez looks after his cheese-treasure vault filled with artesan cheese, from Galicia, Spain and other countries. The key here is the information you’re given about each and every cheese: the kind of milk, who makes it, the company, where. You can taste it before you buy it of course, and it’s cut just for you on the spot. You can find from day-fresh Galician cheese to stinky aged Stichelton, and most of all Alberte’s recommendations will help you find the cheese you needed in your life. You’ll also find natural yoghurts and butter.
A room at the back has been recently opened for tastings and classes.
Prices range from cheap to fair, considering its quality.

Queixería Praza do Campo
Praza do Campo, 6
27001 Lugo

+34 982 224 742

web www.queixeriaprazadocampo.es
on facebook Queixería Praza do Campo
on twitter @queixeriapcampo
on instagram @queixeriaPCampo

Hours: Monday-Friday 10.30AM-2.30PM, 5-8.30PM; Saturday 10.30AM-2PM. Closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday all day.

Remember that you can get an extended guide to what to eat and where to eat it in Lugo and surroundings booking our Personal Concierge Service.


San Simón cheese / Anna Mayer + The Kilomeaters
San Simón cheese, beautifully unique
Cheddar, Anna Mayer + The Kilomeaters
Montgomery Cheddar cheese, the real thing
Anna Mayer + The Kilomeaters
Call me the Cheese Monster!

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