Things to see and do in Santiago that you won’t find in a (normal) guide – part 2

Rabid tigers, hot spicy mussels in Santiago / Anna mayer + The Kilomeaters
Rabid tigers, hot spicy mussels in Santiago

6- Ask for some Tigres Rabiosos:

Tigres rabiosos: Angry (or Rabid!) Tigers. Great name for a tapa, isn’t it? Bar Trafalgar has been serving them for decades and they have become some sort of  a local culinary icon. These steamed mussels served with loads of a secret hot sauce are really addictive and go nicely with a beer or with a white wine.

Bar Trafalgar, Praciña do Franco, 1

Gargoyle at Finca do Espiño, Santiago / Jorge Guitián + The Kilomeaters
Gargoyle at Finca do Espiño, Santiago

7- Romantic ruins at Finca do Espiño:

Finca do Espiño (Espiño Estate) with its Neo-Gothic towers and high walls was a mystery for generations of compostelanos until it was bought by the city council and turned into a park a few years ago. Its ruined walls, gargoyles and dark paths among the trees are now part of one of the most romantic and quiet parks in the city.

Parque da Finca do Espiño

Pulpo a feira, octopus in Santiago / Anna mayer + The Kilomeaters
Pulpo a feira, octopus in Santiago

8-Have lunch at a pulpería:

A pulpería is a simple restaurant specialised in octopus. They are quite common all over Galicia and you can find several in Santiago, although mostly outside the tourist area. Boiled octopus served with olive oil and paprika (pulpo á feira) is the main thing in these places but you can also ask  for some other simple traditional dishes such as Pimientos de Padrón (or Pimientos de Herbón: a local type of green chiles served fried and sprinkled with coarse salt), fried squid or boiled veal with potatoes and paprika.

Sombrerería iglesias, Santiago / Jorge Guitián + The Kilomeaters
Sombrerería Iglesias, Santiago

9- The old hat shop:

Looking exactly the same since it first opened back in 1912 Sombrerería Iglesias is one of the last remains of a past era when Rua do Vilar was the main shopping street in the city and was full of cafes, jewelries and shops like this where compostelano gentlemen found the latest fashion in hats, gloves and umbrellas.

Sombrerería Iglesias, Rúa do Vilar 34

Sarela walk, in Santiago / Anna Mayer + The kilomeaters
Sarela walk, in Santiago

10- Walk among old water mills:

Linking the Camiño de Fisterra (the pilgrimage way from Santiago to Fisterra) and the parks West of the Old Town there is a marked path next to the Sarela river. It is a lovely short walk amongst mossy trees, old water mills, crossing some of the most unknown neighbourhoods in town and discovering another side of Santiago just 15 minutes from the city centre.

Paseo Fluvial do Río Sarela (in Spanish)

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