Our Galician Sherry week

I know, International Sherry Week is in November – but last week just happened to be Galician Sherry Week. Or at least that’s what it was for us.

Pepe Ferrer, Gastronomy Ambassador for the D.O. Jerez came for a week full of training, tasting and workshops. Jorge and I got him in touch with a few restaurants and shops in the Vigo and Coruña areas.

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First we managed to squeeze a cooking workshop in between: cheese & cooking & sherry in Marqués de Valladares Dairy in Vigo. We chose dishes that were a good match for the wine, so we looked out for spicy and bitter flavours, difficult to deal with for normal wines but great to play with for Sherries. A great fun evening, a very good chance for people to be introduced to Sherry wines in an easy, practical way.

The day after Pepe held a special tasting dinner at O Sushi (best sushi in Galicia, you have to check it out if you’re in Vigo!) then moved to Coruña for another dinner with Sherry at Bocanegra. We had dinner at home that evening and got there late, thinking we would have just the last sip and then take him to his hotel but… Pablo Pizarro, the chef, said he would bring out “a couple of things” for us. When a chef says that, get your stomach ready. Yes, he brought out THE WHOLE MENU. At midnight. Hell, that’s late even for US!

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Finally, on Friday, lunch at O Camiño do Inglés was the sherry (sorry!) on top of the cake. Dani López went all out and had a long and amazing menu, which he kept changing until the very last minute, and it was just perfect with Pepe’s ability to enjoy, explain and improvise. It was a sort of long gastronomic jam session which left all of us happy and euphoric.

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And this is what went together with the food…

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