A Maceta, Santiago de Compostela

A Maceta opened at the top of hip Rua San Pedro in June 2016.

Divided into two distinctive zones, the cosy tapas area inside and the cool patio outside, it will soon add a dining room at the back, right beside the kitchen.

Food is simple, local and well done. Dishes are more like large tapas, so keep this in mind when ordering. Most of them are meant to be shared, although some like the Gua Bao de Chipis e Maionesa Cítrica / Fried Squid Wa Bao (a modern fusion twist on the traditional Bocadillo de calamares / Fried Squid Sandwich) should be enjoyed on its own. Prices range from 4€ for a (large) tapa of Patatas Bravas to 18€ for Costela Barbacoa Con patatas / Ribs and Potatoes, and in between you can get some Zamburiñas con Vinagreta de Lima y mazá / Baby Scallops with Lime and Apple Vinaigrette, or Polbo á Grella, alioli e cachelo / Grilled Octopus with Alioli and Potatoes.

A Maceta
Rúa de San Pedro, 120
Santiago de Compostela
981589600 / 630009877

web www.amaceta.com
on facebook Restaurante A Maceta
on twitter @a_maceta
on instagram @a_maceta

Patatas bravas A Maceta Santiago
Patatas bravas, fried to perfection and with real spicy tomato sauce – 4€
Wa Bao Chipirones A Maceta Santiago
Fried squid wa bao with citrus mayonnaise – 6€

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