Auga e Sal, Santiago

Auga e Sal is located on Fonte de San Antonio Street, just South of the old town on a street which is becoming one of the food & wine hotspots in town.

The restaurant is focused on Galician contemporary cuisine which is served in a cozy atmosphere. Their usuzubiche (a mix between an usuzukuri and a cebiche) of Galician fish is really nice, just like their mackerel cured in salt, sugar and sumac and served with pickled vegetables and dots of Sriracha-like sauce or the grilled tiny squids. They serve really nice desserts too, like the fig ice cream with an apricot gel and Armagnac-infused roasted cherries.

Dining at Auga e Sal would cost around 40-45€ per person (plus wine). There is a fix price menu (31,5€ + 10€ if you add the wine pairing) and a 7 dishes tasting menu (50,5€ + 18€ for the optional wine pairing).

Auga e Sal
Rúa da Fonte de Santo Antonio, 8
Santiago de Compostela
+34 680 598 110
on facebook Auga Sal
on twitter @ARG_augaesal
on instagram @augaesal
Open Tuesday to Saturday 1.30-3.30PM and 8.30-10.30 PM, Monday 8.30-10.30PM


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