El Corcho, Valladolid

Site in one of the tapas streets of Valladolid El Corcho is one of the many classic tapas bars to go to.

It has a classic and steady offer, just like its clientele. Croquetas de jamón (serrano ham and white sauce croquettes), cod fritters, tostas with local cold meats, it’s great for a quick tapa and a drink.

El Corcho
calle Correos, 2
+34 983 330 861

on facebook Bar El Corcho

open every day 1-4PM and 8PM-0AM

Tosta de morcilla, El Corcho, Valladolid
Tosta de morcilla (black pudding on toast), 1,90€
Croqueta de jamón, El Corcho, Valladolid
Croqueta de jamón (serrano ham and white sauce croquette), 1€.

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