Hotel Moure, Santiago de Compostela

Hotel Moure is the most modern of the Compostela Boutique Hotel Group. On the Northern side of the old town, it stands out for its architecture and design solutions. White, clean, minimalist and at the same time comfortable. The rooms are thought for the young (at heart), contemporary customers, with space-saving nooks and efficiency in mind.
We particularly loved the open-air bathtub, the invisible concierge and the open-all-day welcome lounge with drinks and fruit.

Hotel Moure
Rúa dos Loureiros, 6
Santiago de Compostela
+34 981 583 637

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on twitter @mourehotel

Doubles from 65€ (in low season) to 100€

Hotel Moure lobby
The lobby, with its invisible concierge…
Hotel Moure, Santiago de Compostela
The lobby and breakfast space.
Hotel Moure room
The room with THE exterior bathtub. There’s a shower inside too, don’t worry!
Hotel Moure, Santiago de Compostela
Power sockets by the bed -seems silly but too many hotels forget about them!
Hotel Moure, Santiago de Compostela
The interior bathroom, with a smart solution to get natural light from the patio.
Hotel Moure patio
There’s a canopy over the bathtub in case you’re wondering about how you can have a private bath…

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