Taberna Tarabelo, Coruña

One of the old classics in Coruña’s wine streets, Taberna Tarabelo is good both for a quick drink and tapa and for a simple traditional lunch. Dishes are shown on a blackboard on the wall, and you’ll find simple food like steamed cockles and periwinkles, fried small sardines or green peppers (when in season), or tasty zorza with some fries. Plus they have specials such as rice with seafood.
Another great thing at Tarabelo is that you can have nearly everything in either tapa or ración size, which is not very common elsewhere in Galicia.

Bar Tarabelo
Rúa Barrera, 15
+34 981 221 078

Cockles. Tarabelo -©The Kilomeaters[/caption]
Berberechos (cockles). At Tarabelo. ©The Kilomeaters

parrochas (fried baby sardines), Tarabelo -©The Kilomeaters
Parrochas (elsewhere known as xoubas), fried tiny sardines
Fried green peppers, Tarabelo -©The Kilomeaters
Fried green peppers, in season in summer, at tarabelo -©The Kilomeaters
Minchas (periwinkles), Tarabelo -©The Kilomeaters
Minchas (periwinkles), with the necessary tool to eat them. Tarabelo -©The Kilomeaters

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