Pinchos Irmandiños – assault on Vimianzo’s castle!

Vimianzo is a small village in the region of Costa da Morte, in Northwestern Galicia. It’s famous for its castle, and every year they organize a Medieval festival and a tapas competition where restaurants can use only ingredients that were available in the Middle Ages; this means no tomatoes, potatoes, corn, peppers and chocolate (plus a few more).

We’ve worked with Vimianzo’s restaurant association and city council for over 7 years, helping them with the historical part and assessing their tapas.

This year’s Assault on the Castle was presented to the press in Santiago’s market last Saturday, and we were in charge of introducing two historically-correct tapas to the press. We prepared a marinated salmon with cider blancmanger and wine-infused cherry, and a preserved chicken on rye bread.

If you’re curious about Vimianzo and its festival, the tapas competition -the Pinchos Irmandiños- will take place between June 27th and July 1st, while the Assault on the castle will be on the night of July 1st. Visit the event’s web (Galician only) to know more!

Asalto ao Castelo web

Our first Medieval tapa: blanc manger, cured salmon and marinated cherry.
Our second Medieval tapa: rye bread, chicken preserved in spicy butter, beetroot/cider vinegar/fennel cream and chickweed.


100 tapas you say? Ready!
The rebel Irmandiños assulting Santiago’s market tower. Lume!

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