Xearte, our favourite ice cream in Santiago

Brigida – stage name Brigitte – opened Xearte three years ago on the up and coming rúa de San Pedro.  She matched Italian technique – what you get here is serious gelato – with Galician ingredients: only fresh pasteurised whole milk and cream, local seasonal fruit whenever possible. The result: the best ice cream in Santiago 8 minutes walking from our desks, and on your way into the city if you’re doing the Camino!

If you’re coming in early in the morning and you find it closed, just take a stroll in the afternoon and enjoy San Pedro, a lively neighbourhood with nice artisan shops, bakeries and good restaurants.

What should I ask for?

Cone or cup, that’s up to you! Either start at 2€ for a small cone or cup with up to 2 flavours. The ice creams you see in the pictures below are small!
As for flavours, we recommend any fruit, hazelnut and pistachio, and the specials which change daily are always intriguing!

Xearte is a seasonal shop, so you’ll find it open on Easter week and all summer. Opening hours may change, but in July it’s open Monday to Thursday from 3.30PM to 8PM and Friday to Sunday from 1PM to 8.30PM.

Rúa de San Pedro, 70
Santiago de Compostela

web xeartebrigitte.com
on facebook Xearte Brigitte
on instagram @xeartebrigitte

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