Deulpo, Santiago

Deulpo opened not long ago in the northern side of Santiago, making all neighbours very happy (us included). Simple and unpretentious, the bar is usually crowded with local old folks who come for a glass of wine and a game of cards, while the back room has long wooden tables and benches. The style is that of pulperías, or octopus bars, which are usually rowdy and down-to-earth places. So don’t expect any luxuries, but a warm welcome and good food.

What should I ask for?

Pulpo (octopus) is a must, it’s definitely one of the best in town. Get also some zorza and/or raxo (they both come with fries), some green fried peppers. The mussels escabeche is good although not always on the day’s specials.
Get a bowl of wine – their red Ribeiro is excellent. And don’t worry about the price: that’s excellent too!

Rúa do Hospitaliño, 7
Santiago de Compostela

Octopus at Deulpo – ®The Kilomeaters
Zorza at Deulpo – ®The Kilomeaters
Green peppers at Deulpo – ®The Kilomeaters
Raxo at Deulpo – ®The Kilomeaters

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